Of Greek origin, I discovered the sea as a child and developed a never-ending passion for this environment. However, after studying in Switzerland, my career path led me first to work as a musician for a few years, before turning to nature sports in the late 80s, and more particularly vertical activities, to become a world pioneer in bungee jumping. 

I went on to set up a company in Nepal in the early 90s, while at the same time developing my professional skills as a recreational, tec and free diver –jobs that allowed me to live truly immersed in the real and figurative world on every continent. For more than 10 years, underwater photography became my main activity, propelling me to become a figure in the press, notably through original features on diving techniques, spectacular stories and permanent columns. I used my multilingualism to work with numerous European magazines and turned out to be one of the most widely published specialist author-photographers in Europe. 

Co-author of the books "Zoom sur la photo sous-marine", "Apnoe", "Apnoe & Meditation", "The Water & The Breath" and "L'Apnée, Techniques, secrets et philosophie de la plongée libre", Course Director, Tec and Freediving Instructor Trainer, Yoga and Pranayama teacher, I now devote most of my time to teaching and coaching, through the diving and freediving school I set up in Villeneuve in 2016 and the Conscious Lung Practice method I developed for a well-known clinic. As a result of my experience, I'm also regularly in demand as a corporate speaker and in the diving world. 

I have the privilege to be supported by C4 Carbon, Patagonia and Seacam.


Designated an "obese child" around the age of 12, I was astonished to discover that I had a body and that I could take care of it. Various sports that are pretty standard for a teenager then became part of my life, until the discovery of vertical sports, which came into my life through bungy jumping. The mountains in all their forms became a fantastic playground, and I realised their full power when I discovered the Himalayas in the early 90s. 

As well as all the snowy discoveries that Nepal has to offer, it was in Kathmandu that my spiritual journey took a new turn. Already familiar with the arts of body and mind through the practice of Tai-Chi, a Tibetan monastery opened the way to meditation and propelled me into a new universe. Between the (very) high mountains and the serenity of the monasteries, something became clear: breathing is the key to uniting body and mind in a complete practice.

Pursuing this quest through diving in all its forms, it was underwater photography that brought me into contact with the world's greatest freedivers. First alongside Herbert Nitsch, the greatest of all, then through Guillaume Néry and other great champions, who became friends as much as ongoing inspirations and brought me back to the fundamental link between yoga, breathing and freediving. 

An assiduous practitioner, I spent as many hours as I could studying at the Montreux Yoga Centre, before going on retreat after retreat in the sacred city of Rishikesh, India, to deepen my learning and achieve teaching degrees in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga, in the broadest sense of the term, is now as much a source of daily practice as a philosophy of life in connexion to the world in which we live.



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